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October 19, 2011
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Snow White Prince
By Fenris-Star

The mall was filled with the huffle and buffle of Chrisms shoppers. Quickly, a women in black heal highed boots, tapped along in a fast pace. She pulled along her ten year old boy, Swan. This woman had long black hair and brown eyes, and the perfect femmine fit. Dressed in winter clothes she continued to tug her white to sliver haired boy. His hair was bull-cut at the time, and his eyes blue with a wintry snowflake glimmer in each one.

"Mommy! You're hurting my arm." Swan whined.
"We have to hurry." She called back as they made it to a Hall-Mark. "The store will close and Mama has to get a card for everyone before the darn store closes." Once she made it into the card section she let go of the child's arm. Swan's mother was a middle class women, who appeared to have it all.
Swan wondered off through another card aisle away from mother. His eyes locked on a collection of snow globes sitting on a shelf next to scented candles. He hurried over and grabbed first a white vanilla scented candle. He hugged it. "You smell yummy!" He said with glee and then pulled out of his hug. "But you don't taste yummy, I remember that." He put it down. Then got on his tip-toes and reached for a small snow globe. He pulled it down and stared inside the glass ball. Inside was a Christmas tree, and three small cities, a castle, bridges. And if he wound up the globe, a train would run around the piece. Something suddenly felt familiar. Like, that magical world depicted in the sculpture was his true home.
Shadows crept over Swan. Swan turned and bumped into a man's leg.
"Nothing left of the Snow White Queen." The man said to another who stood across from him.
The other man replied, "Captured by the Snow Man race. Haha."
"Now all that's left is Snow White Prince."
Swan glazed up. "Who are you guys?"
The guys appeared like thugs. "Who cares, let's snatch this boy. We knew he'd be drawn to Winter Wonder World."
"You think I'm a Prince?"
One of the men leaned down and grabbed the boy by his legs and threw him over his shoulder and growled an ugle laugh. These men was fuzzy faced like white-werewolves.
"MMMommy!" Yelled Swan. "Help me!"
His adopted mother heard the reckus and came running out of the card aisle. "What do you think you're doing with my baby?" She punched the man hard as he dropped Swan, his mother caught him.  The other came at her and she high-healed his crutch so hard, he was on the floor in seconds rolling. Swan's mother seemed alarmed as she screamed, "We have to get you out of here."

Everything faded out from Swan's memory. Swan was now older appearing as young man, as he laid back in his bed in his bedroom in the dark. He had that same snow globe in his hand, lifted above his head, he wondered hard about those fuzzy men, and what they muttered. His hair was now long white to silver, his eyes ice-blue, and his ears was oddly pointed. "I'm not normal, am I?" He thought to himself as he reflected how he mentally controlled snowballs with his thoughts just the other night in a play snow ball fight with high school friends. He sat up now. Pulled himself together and slowly slid himself down the stairs. At the table was Mom and his adopted father.
"I was adopted." He muttered as he plopped in a chair accost from them.
His parents were busy doing their bills when he interrupted them.
His mother spoke, "Yes, Swan."
"Tell me the story." Swan demeaned. "I want to know about my origins. And why one Christmas white fuzzy men came after me! Why every snow fall I-"
The Dad gave funny looks to Mother.
Mother spoke, "There's not much story to it." She shouted back. "I knew the day would come." She rubbed her head. "Listen I found you on my doorstep with a note. I took you in. No one claimed you. I thought some crazed women left you here and I just. Took you, I wanted a child anyway."
"What the note say?"
"Just." She sighed. "Crazy stuff alright. Now I love you, and just because I adopted you doesn't make my love less real, so don't worry about it."
"I wanna see the note."
"I don't have it anymore. This discussion is over!" Mother seemed very displeased. She got up, wearing a hip tight black dress, and heals. Her hair now wavy as she appeared model like.
As she grabbed her coat and left to her car, Swan just knew that while Mom and Dad went out that weekend for their date. That Swan would search all her cabinets and dressers. He knew he had to find that note that came with him on the night he was left on her doorstep.
"Bye, Dear." She said as the front door slammed.
Father stood up and starred at Swan oddly. "Don't try anything." He pointed. Father wasn't dating his adopted mother when she found the baby. Father began dating Mother only when Swan was twelve, and it seemed Father had a dislike for Swan.
Soon both parents were gone and Swan was home alone.

::: (Story switched to first person story telling. I just didn't like writing in third person after all.) :::::

I searched through closets, cabins, dressers, "Come on, Swan." I told myself, "I have to find that note that was supposed to be left with me when I was a baby on that doorstep."  Would Mother just throw it away? Somehow I doubted she would. Then suddenly, as I sat on Mother's king sized soft water bed. I saw the shimmer of a white and gold wooden jewelry box. I scampered up to it and opened it. Inside it was a folded up note. I opened the note to reveal a letter and it read.

"Hello, dear sister. Since I have taken over Winter Wonder World as the Snow White Queen, an uptaking of the snowmen nation has been on the rise. To protect Winter Land, I have incased more then half of my winter magic in Jewel Swan, my son, the Snow White Prince. I have magically transported him to you with this letter, please take care of him until I know it is safe for him to return. Please tell him by his 18th  Birthday so that he can return on his own. I have also given you a snow globe to Winter Wonder World for him.  Love, The Snow White Queen."

So there I had it, My real first name was Jewel. Not Swan. I was a winter prince and I had magical powers. So that explained how I could control snow balls, and snow in general. My adopted mother was my aunt. But why was she in this world and not Winter Wonder World? Did she hate it there? At lest I had my answers, and I knew my responsibilities to 'this world' I was raised in just didn't matter I belonged in Winter World not here and now that childhood experience in the Hall-Mart made since. The fuzzy white men, they had to been with the snowmen nation. Which ment, the Snow White Queen had been captured. That ment that there must not be a ruler or one of magic in that world, but me. I had to return! I marched to my room pushed open my door and pulled my snow globe from the TV stand. I sat on my bed and glared inside it.
I'll wish to go back? No. I had to inform my aunt that I was going to go so I wrote a letter to her quickly.

"I know the truth now. I am the Snow White Prince. I have a purpose I must go, Aunt. To Winter Wonder World. I don't know what's there, but it's my true home, and I just want to find my true home and my true place."

I got up and threw this letter on her bed and then went back to my own. I sat down and squeezed the globe and closed my eyes, "I wish I was in Winter Wonder World!" Suddenly I was shivering and covered in snow. I sat in a snow drift in only a pair of skinny blue jeans and a long sleeved sweater.

It wasn't long till people recognized me in those villages. I had been returned as Prince, I had to learn magic on my own. I had a purpose of fulfilling wishes made on the Wishmas Tree in the center of a village called Winter Wonder. But only those of good deeds received my gift. I learned my skill of ruler and magic. Still, the Snow White Queen wasn't ever found and, the Snowmen had began to take over another village named Snowed Inn. And so I began to align an army against the legion of Snowmen.

This is my character Jewel Swan's introduction, just a short story of how he became the Snow White Prince of Winter Wonder World. I wasn't really 'into' writing it as I thought I would. So please excuse me, but it's not that great...

Sorry about bad grammar and spelling.
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